Hurley’s Brandon Guilmette Talks Surfing and Yoga

   Boys…Surfing…and YOGA?

  Even though they are three of our favorite things, we never thought that they’d tie together.  But in the past year, it seems as if the worlds of surf and yoga have combined.  Working with various professional and up-and coming surfers, we were to see them benefit in our hour long customized sessions focusing on upper body strength, balance and conditioning.  We sat in the sand with Hurley’s Brandon Guimette and chatted about his experience with our training regime.

Whats your name, job title and athletic hobby? Brandon Guilmette, Hurley Sports Marketing Manager, Surfing…and pants off dance off!

Dance off?  We’ll need to see that soon.  So, back to reality…how can yoga help you in your surfing career?  Yoga……Well I have found that being flexible and having a strong core and  increased stability help me to be better at what I do.

Why did you find working with California Yoga Sport (Lacey) different from other athletic trainers?  Lacey made our workout fun. She’s a great teacher and can interact with her students rather than just tell them what to do. And she’s better to look at than the guys who train me.

Flattering!  What’s the best advice that you can give surfers who want to try out yoga for the first time? Work through the soreness!

Last but not least, whats your most epic surf story to share? Most epic surf story would have to be the this one time I got barreled.

A many of many words and some great moves on the water and land.  Thanks for you time Brandon and we will be seeing at the Nike US Open of Surf.  Cheers xoxo


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