Lindsea’s Teacher Training Adventures

After completing a transformational month of learning the It’s Yoga/Ashtanga system, I feel at peace with my body and mind. Yoga has provided the ability to express myself physically and mentally. Yoga has peeled away the fear and negativity in my life and has blessed me with a gift that has opened my eyes to all the greatness that we are surrounded with – the gift of awareness.

Through my practice I have transformed my way of thinking on and off the mat. Living in the present and taking time to observe each pose in the studio has transferred to my everyday life, and I’m grateful for this change.

I’ve learned to take time to observe my breath instead of my inner critique. Yoga has brought awareness to my life and has allowed me to free my mind from all the “mind clutter.” Controlled breath is a key component to allow clarity, calmness, and peace in the mind during each Asana practice. Reminding one to breath through each posture is an important aspect that is necessary to incorporate and teach others. Teaching one to breath with intention can bring many positive aspects into one’s life.

I want to share the benefits of yoga and meditation and how you can make your own thoughts a reality. I intend to bring fun, positivity, and balance to each class or group session. My hope is to bring awareness and stillness to other lives and share all of the health benefits that yoga has given to me.


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