Almond Butter: Is it really the better butter?

Yoga Journal. Runners Magazine. Shape. Women’s Health. You can’t read a fitness magazine without stumbling upon a mention of the new “healthy snack” suggestion that sings the praises of Almond Butter. Everyone I know is tossing in their Skippy and Jiffy for some good ol’ Prunis dulcis.

Is this a fad or fabulous?!

We asked our Health Coach & Nutritionist Diana to shed some light on this nutty situation.

Diana’s Response:

When I first embarked upon my new health journey the almond butter switch was definitely one of the first suggestions I received towards improving my healthy eating choices. Before I ditched the Peanut for an Almond upgrade in my diet I made sure I had all of the facts. Clearly the food community — largely amongst raw foodies, vegans, & vegetarians — this was easily embraced as a must have grocery list item. Almond butter offered that great source of protein, fiber, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids without the use of transfat oils that are used in the preparation of regular peanut butter. Peanuts are considered to be a “dirty” nut due their high concentration of mold! Ew! When one chooses to eat mold it feeds the bad bacteria in your intestines and for women that means feeding bad yeast = yeast infections 😦

Almonds are definitely considered a much “cleaner” nut of the two, however everything including your nutty obsession are best in moderation! A handful of raw almonds or some almond butter on a rice cake or apple slices is always a great snack, but be mindful that almonds aren’t the easiest food for our bodies to digest. This is due to the enzyme inhibiting substance on the brown coating of the nut that makes it difficult for us to retrieve all of the nutrient value in the nut. A great solution to that is soaking raw almonds.

Follow this process to optimize your almonds’ nutritional value:

Soak the almonds in cool water and drain the soaked water after 20-40 minutes. Add fresh water and continue the soaking for another 8-12 hours.

Be sure the water covers all the almonds.  Cover the bowl with something breathable like a cloth towel and leave the bowl in a warm place (room temperature).  In the morning you can drain the water and eat them.

*I particularly love to include almond butter in my morning smoothies or raw desserts to add that extra bit of protein and healthy fat into my daily diet. I highly recommend this as a healthy alternative to that mold..opps.. I meant peanut butter, sitting in your cabinet.

Food. Love. & Happiness.



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