Fight Workout Boredom: 5 Songs to Add to Your Runner’s Playlist

Struggling to get in those last few minutes or miles into your work out due to the boredom you experience with your music? You are not alone. I have found that music has made a huge impact on whether or not I pound out those last moments that really count. If you are using the Nike+ app be sure to select your Powersongs ahead of time for when you really need that extra push.

This month California Yoga Sport will be addressing the world of Running + Yoga combined, so be sure to check back for some great tips, advice, & videos on how to get the best out of both worlds to reach your fitness potential.

Meanwhile, rock on with these Runner’s tunes:

Let It Out by Girl Talk –Best during a run when your mind starts to wander out of boredom. Keep the energy up and focused. Great for morning runs.

The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga  –Duh! What?! Did you not expect to see a Lady Gaga song on here…? You know the drill… hit the ground running.

Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & Goonrock) by LMAOF – Follow up that run with a quick and effective session on the stationary bike. Cross training is always great to keep your work outs interesting and dynamic. Best for a sprint on the stationary bike – 10 seconds up & 10 seconds seated sprints for the entire song.

Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner – Best for doing running sprint intervals.

That’s Right by Girl Talk – album is available to download online free.

More songs to add the list?! Send them our way!


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