Fight Winter Allergies with Tropical Fruit

Seasons are definitely changing here in the Bay Area.. from 80 degrees & sunny straight into the 50s & cloudy within a 7 day span.

Its San Francisco, what did we expect?!

Now that summer is over and the leaves are changing California Yoga Sport is gearing up for an active & busy winter season full of yoga, snow sports, & exploring different winter activities around SF to switch up our workouts. With the weather changing it also presents the challenge of fighting those nasty seasonal allergies and the common cold that takes advantage of our healthy immune systems we work so hard for. Aside from drinking LOTS of water, resting well, & never leaving the house without our Purell hand sanitizer, we are also stocking our fridge with some powerhouse fruits & veggies to help fight the winter allergy season.

Stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, lack of sleep, and fatigue are all too familiar to those of us who suffer from allergies. Despite Fall being the most beautiful time of year, it also serves as the most challenging – from the dust particles sitting in our heating ducts that we desperately hate, to the adjustment of enduring harsh cold air during our outdoor runs, or the unavoidable airborne contagions at the yoga studio & office...So how do we deal with fighting back?! Fruit. Sounds simple enough...Read on for CYS’s favorite fruits to fight allergy season!

the Pineapple

Allergy Fighting Super Powers: Pineapples are high in manganese (great for nutrient absorption, bone development, & proper enzyme functioning) and Vitamin C (superstar at helping the bones, joints, & ligaments stay strong and an important supporter for the immune system) – perfect for us athletes! It also contains a protein-digestive enzyme, called bromelain, that is known to be very beneficial in digestion & has anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for fighting that sinus inflammation causing that runny nose & constant sneezing!

the Papaya

Allergy Fighting Super Powers:  It contains Vitamins A (important for growth & repair of body tissues and keeps your eyesight & skin healthy!) & Vitamin C (read benefits listed above in Pineapple Super Powers).  Both Vitamins are very important to growth & repair processes in the body while fighting off allergens. The Papaya also has an important & rare enzyme, called papain, that aides in digestion, body functions, & even tasks such as clearing up the skin. It has a high concentration of water & is very nutrient dense without all of the calories. Best of both worlds!

What happens if we combine the two fruits in one delicious smoothie?

… the best solution to beat those seasonal allergies!

Winter Allergy Smoothie Recipe

1 cup chopped peeled seeded papaya

1 cup frozen or fresh pineapple (if using fresh pineapple be sure to add more ice)

1/2 cup sliced banana

1  cup ZICO coconut water (try the ZICO mango coconut water for extra fruity flavors!) OR 1 cup soy milk

1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon raw local Honey – also helps fight infection & allergies!

2 teaspoons fresh lime juice

*Add ice as needed for desired blend

**Optional: Flax seeds

Add all ingredients together in a blender & enjoy your journey to allergy freedom!

Find out more CYS smoothie recipe favorites here & here!


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