Core Power Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico with Lacey Calvert

Check out all of the fun California Yoga Sport & Core Power Yoga Instructor, Lacey Calvert, had down in Tulum, Mexico!

After Lacey returned from her travels we got the dish on what led her on this journey & any tips for those looking to participate & immerse themselves in a yoga retreat just like this one!

Why participate in a Yoga Retreat? Can this really benefit one’s yoga practice?

Lacey: About a year ago I set a goal to attend at least one yoga retreat in the next 12 months. It just so happened to be my 25th birthday during the yoga retreat & health cleanse I chose… perfect timing! It seemed like a great fit to allow myself to immerse myself in a relaxing & challenging yoga retreat to help reenergize not only my yoga practice, but also my health! I knew CorePower had some of the best instructors and the organization of the retreat was remarkable. It felt like a great retreat to chose to be a part of.

How did you choose your specific retreat? Was it the location or teachers?

Lacey: As I mentioned above that I knew CorePower had some of the best instructors as well as retreat agendas around and Mexico was a cost effective option versus a retreat overseas. It was also slightly foreign territory since I had never been to Tulum, Mexico before, but I knew it had a lot of history, standing ruins, and glorious beaches. The resort that we stayed at, Amansala, was an eco-chic resort focused on healthy eating and looked –from its photos- like a luxurious treehouse. The place was even more stunning than in the photos once I arrived and by the end the staff felt like close friends!

What was a typical day on the retreat?

Lacey: We woke up at sun rise and sat along the beach for morning meditation. We finished our meditation with a nice beach walk then headed to a challenging yoga class. We usually did about 2 hours of yoga each morning and the classes were phenomenal! The instructors focused their classes on self-care, introspectiveness, and challenged us both physically & mentally. We also did our yoga classes either on the beach or in the Yoga Room at Amansala which was facing the beach and made out of bamboo and wood.  It was an experience that I will never forget.
After yoga in the morning, our days varied. We would spend the afternoons hiking throughout the ruins, bike riding around Tulum, paddle boarding, kayaking, or just laying around and enjoying the beach.  There wasn’t a set schedule and everything was optional. We did stop and take a lunch full of the BEST guacamole and other healthy, diet-friendly foods that I love. Our trip also included one free massage and a Mayan Clay ritual.

In the evenings it included another two hour yoga class that just fit the mood so perfectly & was set at a gentle pace. Dinner followed and a few nights we went out salsa dancing or just hung out by the water under the stars. By the end of the week, I felt completely relaxed and fulfilled.

For a yoga athlete are these retreats challenging enough for those looking to expand their practice?

Lacey: I felt challenged mentally during the daily meditations and with a total of 4 hours of yoga each day at the pace of a level 2 CorePower class it would be both fitting for beginners and advanced practioners. I felt challenged mentally because I needed to step out of my busy work schedule and take time to clear my mind and just RELAX!!  As an athlete, the hardest thing to do is to calm the mind & rest. I still made time in my day to run along the beach barefoot for a few miles, but was finding myself restless for the first few days with no demanding schedule to be here or there. As I began to relax into the retreat experience it was amazing the transformation that happened as I allowed myself permission to just sit, do nothing, & lounge around in a hammock or on the beach. That is when I truly started to feel the benefits of the retreat.  The bliss, the self-care & appreciation, and the overall strength of my restored health was worth the retreat. Once I realized I shouldn’t feel so obligated to always be doing something or jumping to the next big adventure is when I felt like the retreat did its job. Well done Tulum!

How can one get the most out of their Yoga Retreat experience? 

Lacey: Just go.  Be present. Stay open to the idea of doing nothing. You are on a yoga retreat for a week if you attend one similar to what I had participated in, turn off your phone, leave it at home. I mean it…no Ipads, Iphones, nothing. Just be in nature and experience how transformational your yoga practice can be when you are completely unplugged.  Oh, and just a tip for anyone trying this for the first time. I suggest picking a retreat that practices the same style of yoga you follow and attend regularly. That way the classes can fit your style and challenge you to evolve your regular practice.  Enjoy, because I sure did!

Thanks Lacey for all of the amazing information! As the New Year approaches & you are setting your resolutions be sure to add a Yoga Retreat to the list! Feel free to reach out to Lacey at for more information on her experience.


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