Staying Healthy in the Cold/Flu Season: CYS Tips to Fight Back

Keep your immune system strong this winter season & prepare your body for the good fight against the cold & flu symptoms that we dread so much. California Yoga Sport trainers suggest these foods to keeping your body in tip top shape & prepared for the bacteria battle.

Fight Back with Food: Here’s what to start eating now!

Yogurt: it contains a friendly bacteria, Lactobacillus casei, that stimulates infection-fighting white blood cells & improves immune response & abilities to help fend off sickness. Adding Kefir to your morning smoothies or incorporating Fage Greek Yogurt into your daily snacks is a great way to incorporate this probiotic food into your flu fighting regimen.

 Garlic: this plant contains allicin, a potent bacteria fighter, as well as  other  infection-fighting compounds great for beating those cold symptoms. Its most effective to use whole cloves  of garlic directly added to your food each day rather than the capsules! Add minced garlic to any sauteed vegetable dishes for a nice added flu fighting flavor.

Black Tea: ideally drinking 5 cups of black tea a day for two weeks will turn your infection fighting cells into superhuman cells, but if you can’t stomach that much tea each day you still receive benefits with fewer cups. Don’t like black tea? Green tea is a great alternative with the same benefits!

Fatty fish: Salmon, mackerel, herring, and other fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which increase activity of phagocytes — cells that fight flu by eating up bacteria. They also contain selenium, which helps white blood cells produce cytokines, proteins that help clear viruses. Try out this recipe for Asian Baked Salmon.

Also, don’t forget to befriend hand sanitizer & washing your hands thoroughly while at the gym, in a yoga class, or after using coworkers computers etc.. Those extra moments you take to prevent catching the seasonal cold will benefit you in the long run when you are stuck in bed with a fever for three days. :-/ From your friends at CYS we want to keep you safe, healthy, & happy these winter months. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us at anytime!

Be sure to check out our Holiday Special Offering of a 60 minute Individual Private Yoga Session in your own home & a 50 minute health consultation with our expert Health Coach Diana.


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