Creating the Yoga Habit: 7 Steps to Beginning a Regular Practice

Recently I have found myself revisiting one of my favorite blogs for a refresher on how to keep life simple. With January coming to an end & some of my new years resolutions taking a back seat to a busy work schedule it seems as if I have lost the steam I had when the New Year was upon us.

Zen Habits is one of these best blogs that I have found to find ways to improve my personal, professional, & social life through basic understanding of forming, maintaining, & creating new healthy habits. Some of my favorite posts by Leo Babauta are Creating Silence from Chaos, 9 Mindfulness Rituals to Make Your Day Better, & most recently A Compact Guide to Fitness. The last article mentioned has spurred this post as well as Leo’s simple structuring of blog posts has also inspired me to keep this as basic for you as it comes.

Creating the Yoga Habit

1. Plan ahead. Schedule yourself to attend 4-5 classes a week & carve out time in your busy week to stick to it.

2. Make it Social. Have friends join you or meet up at class so that there is a social element to your practice.

3. Pick a studio that is close to work or your home. Having immediate access will increase your likelihood to attend classes regularly.

4. If you are a beginner, we promise it gets better. Day after day, year after year, decade after decade. Your mat will always be there, however it needs you to come to the practice to do the work.

5. Tell yourself you love it. Its all mental, so allow yourself to enjoy the practice or at least trick yourself into thinking that. Soon the pain of the intense stretches & the umpteenth Downward Dog will no longer kill your shoulders. We promise.

6. Give it 3-4 weeks to stick. You will soon realize you can’t live without it.

7. Make it a priority. No backing down or making excuses. Truly devote a month to making this habit stick!


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