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Yogi Jams: Add 5 New beats to Your Vinyasa Playlist

Sunday Songday..too cheesy for a tagline? 🙂

Check out 5 more songs to integrate into your vinyasa flow practice.

All I Need by Radiohead

Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap – Best for a building vinyasa flow.

Swimming in the Flood by Passion Pit

Sleep by The Dandy Warhols

Aqueous Transmission by Incubus – Best for Savasana.

Remember to check back each week for more new & flavorful additions. Keep expanding your playlist with us & suggestions are always welcome!


Q&A with our Health Coach, Diana

Read our interview with the newest member of the California Yoga Sport Team, Health Coach and Educator Diana Rodriguez.  We like to call her D-Rod and we think she rocks.  Here’s a few questions we asked her during this morning’s shoot:

What is a health coach and what do you do?  If you’ve ever played a sport, you’ve had experience with a coach. I do the same but with food and lifestyle. I am there to support your growth and hopefully inspire and challenge you to live at your fullest.

So what would you say your coaching style is?  I’d like to think that my style is very supportive yet firm. It is important to me that my clients reach their goals, so I hold them accountable and challenge them to find balance in all areas of their life.

What are your typical clients like?  My clients are typically really active, fun and smart people who are ready to take their health to the next level.  They are often overwhelmed by all the diets and fads out there and just want something that is simple and balanced, but most importantly very specific to them.

Any diet myths you would like to clear up?
Many athletic people think that because they exercise and their bodies look healthy, they can eat whatever they want, but that is the complete opposite!  Active people need to be especially aware of the need to replenish  with the best foods to help their body repair and perform at the highest level.

What is your favorite exercise/sport??  Yoga and Soccer!

What can we expect from your weekly blog? 
D: Definitely expect lots of healthy, yummy recipes – I love, love to cook. As well as many ways to improve and maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

If your interested in working with Diana through one-on-one coaching or through our Skype channel, please send her an email directly to dcristinarodriguez@gmail.com. 

TRX and Yoga

Life after college has two paths….either you go and travel the world or get pushed into the workforce.  Either way, health becomes something that post-college grads begin to forget about.

Luckily, we found something this week that can transform the lives of busy athletes and “real world” workerbees.  TRX is a suspension training that uses body weight to complete a full-body workout.  At first, the two black straps hanging from the ceiling was intimidating, but once we got to play around on them, our muscles already felt stronger.  We had the priviledge of attending the all day training at the TRX Headquarters in SF, and left with a new feeling of motivation and creativity.

It only makes sense that TRX and yoga go together.  Whether you are living in hotel rooms and finding somewhere to workout or using your office for quick workouts at lunch, you can bring the portable TRX and accompanying yoga mat and get your sweat on.

Here’s a quick exercise to do if you are already an TRX owner:

High Plank with Tricep Touch:

Sitting on your knees with the TRX behind you, place your feet in the TRX hand straps.  Flex your feet and come up into a high plank position.  Hold for 10 seconds to activate the core; pull your belly button into your spine while pressing your yoga mat away from you.  Holding your core, begin to use your obliques to pull the knee into the tricep.  Hold and release back to high plank.  Repeat on other side.  Repeat this set of each knee to same tricep for 12 reps on each side. 

Overall, we’re in love.  We hope to get some videos up here soon and if you are interested in purchasing a TRX, email us at Lacey@californiayogasport.com and we can hook you up with a client special discount 🙂

Thank you Doug from TRX Training Center for everything today!

Traveling and working out has never looked this good. 


Hurley’s Brandon Guilmette Talks Surfing and Yoga

   Boys…Surfing…and YOGA?

  Even though they are three of our favorite things, we never thought that they’d tie together.  But in the past year, it seems as if the worlds of surf and yoga have combined.  Working with various professional and up-and coming surfers, we were to see them benefit in our hour long customized sessions focusing on upper body strength, balance and conditioning.  We sat in the sand with Hurley’s Brandon Guimette and chatted about his experience with our training regime.

Whats your name, job title and athletic hobby? Brandon Guilmette, Hurley Sports Marketing Manager, Surfing…and pants off dance off!

Dance off?  We’ll need to see that soon.  So, back to reality…how can yoga help you in your surfing career?  Yoga……Well I have found that being flexible and having a strong core and  increased stability help me to be better at what I do.

Why did you find working with California Yoga Sport (Lacey) different from other athletic trainers?  Lacey made our workout fun. She’s a great teacher and can interact with her students rather than just tell them what to do. And she’s better to look at than the guys who train me.

Flattering!  What’s the best advice that you can give surfers who want to try out yoga for the first time? Work through the soreness!

Last but not least, whats your most epic surf story to share? Most epic surf story would have to be the this one time I got barreled.

A many of many words and some great moves on the water and land.  Thanks for you time Brandon and we will be seeing at the Nike US Open of Surf.  Cheers xoxo