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Top 10 Signs You’re a Yogi

Whether you just did your first class, or been practicing yoga for years, sometimes becoming a “yogi” just happens naturally.  Believe me, if you have no idea what “Yogi” or “Yogini” means, you should stop reading now.  After a few years and introducing new friends into the Yoga World, we have come to know the signs…

  10.  You can’t live without Coconut water.  Sometimes you feel like you were just in the Mohave, but one sip after class and your laying on the beach of  Hawaii…lifesaving.

9.  You have no idea where you jeans are and can’t remember the last time   you wore them.Image

8.  Mid-day Downward Facing Dogs are becoming your normal routine…and your boss is somehow okay with it.

7.  When in traffic, you start your Ojai breathing.  Even though its okay in your car, people on the bus think you might have a sinus problem.  Lets keep it to the car.

6. Your yoga instructor knows more about you then your college friends.

5. You subconsciously stand in Tree Pose while on the phone or in line for the grocery store.

4.  You end all conversations with “Namaste”.

3.  You start making up clever names for social events…like Vino Vinyasa   and Zen of Zin.  You can have yoga and a social life, right?

2.  You lock your standing knee while shaving your legs in the shower.

1.  Kale is not just a four-letter word to you

 We LOVE being yogi’s and super PROUD of it!

But seriously…where are my jeans?


Coconut Water vs. H2O

It was day three, hour number 18 of hot intense yoga amidst the beautiful outdoors, my mouth was parched and my body was craving the one thing it had come to rely on the entire weekend… I knew then that I was addicted. If there were an IV station prepared to infuse my bloodstream with this delicious liquid I’d be there in a hot second. Lucky for me and my fellow yogis who planned their class schedule very poorly and found themselves amidst a straight 7 hour stretch of the most dynamic yoga classes at Wanderlust NorCal they understood the intense craving for those mini Luna Bars and ice cold coconut waters they handed out at the end of each class. It was the one thing I could stomach between classes until the day was done or at least just enough sugar and carbohydrates to make it through the next headstand workshop, backbend series, or at the very least survive the 90 minutes to surrender into Savasana.

As I reached my 3rd day of intense yoga in the mountains of Squaw Valley in North Lake Tahoe I knew that from then on my body would want nothing more than a cold coconut water at the end of each yoga class. Successful marketing or epic use of the Pavlov Theory?! Either way they win. Despite the classic conditioning of training my body in its most exhausted state to salivate at the thought of coconut water I can’t help but wonder if it’s really that much better than H2O? …so I asked our Health Coach Extraordinaire Diana what her thoughts are on Coconut Water versus good ol’ H2O?

Diana’s Response:

Coconut water is getting a lot of recent hype because of its claims to replenish key nutrients, electrolytes, and carbohydrates that athlete’s lose during a typical workout. It may be “nature’s own sports drink” however we have yet to see compelling enough evidence to beat out the tried & true power of H2O. In defense of Coconut water it does have a pure balance of sodium, potassium (more than a banana with less sugar!), calcium, and magnesium, which are all features of a healthy electrolyte source. It also has numerous other benefits such as helping regulate body temperature keeping it cool and stable, its free of added sugars and chemicals, its a pure diuretic, eliminates swelling in hands and feet, boosts poor circulation, the list goes on and on…

I like that it has all of these added benefits, but in no way should replace your water intake throughout the day. I like to use ZICO coconut water as a base in smoothies and add greens (for more vitamins & nutrients of course!) and berries (antioxidants!), which helps with inflammation after a workout. While hydrating with water is key, it doesn’t replenish certain nutrients that are important to healthy muscle recovery after long strenuous workouts. Everything in moderation is important! Keep hydrated throughout the day with regular water and if drinking a delicious coconut water to get your fix after a tough yoga class or long run then why not! 😉           – Diana

Have more questions or thirsty for some Coconut water? Check out Diana’s page here or email her at dcristinarodriguez@gmail.com and also check out our Sponsor ZICO’s website to learn more about CYS’s drink of choice!