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Find the Perfect Gift, Fight the Holiday Food Bulge, & Look for Merriment in Your Holiday

Happy Holidays from California Yoga Sport!!! Hopefully you beat the rush to find the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season, but if not, here are some of our ideas in case a belated present won’t get Santa into too much trouble! 😉

As you gear up for those New Years Resolutions we understand post holiday eating guilt can factor into your optimism or heavy goal setting in 2012! Have no fear because there are tricks to fighting the one-too-many-Christmas-cookie caloric intake in the meantime. Check back soon to see the events CYS plan on participating in for 2012!

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Happy Holidays to everyone!



5 Foods To Eat When You Overeat by EatingWell

Tackle that post-Thanksgiving bulge with some of these tips outlined in the article, “5 Foods to Eat When You Overeat”, posted by the Huffington Post today. Remember that the holiday season isn’t over yet so if you were unable to control your over indulgences on Thanksgiving, then you can try this out around the Christmas holidays.

5 Foods to Eat When You Overeat:

1. Spices – Researchers think this spice blend may help slow fat absorption-and the antioxidants help mop up harmful free radicals produced when you overeat. Try adding 2 tablespoons of a blend of spices including  rosemary, oregano, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, cloves, garlic powder and paprika in a meal to get the full benefits.

2. OJ- Flavonoids, the antioxidant-like compounds in OJ, may offset the heart-damaging effects of a calorie- and fat-laden meal. Be sure to stock up on OJ this holiday season & add to your breakfast meal in the A.M.

3. Fruit- duh! Eating antioxidant-rich fruits — including berries, grapes, kiwi and cherries — helps minimize the harmful free-radical damage that occurs after a meal. CYS Smoothie time post food binge, heck yes!

4.Vinegar – Having a tablespoon of vinegar with your meal, perhaps drizzled on your salad, may temper the spike in blood sugar that occurs after eating a big, carbohydrate-rich meal. This will help keep your appetite steady & not spike after you taper off your caloric intake the next day.

5. Red Wine -The antioxidants in red wine may reduce the negative impact of high-fat foods by lowering levels of a compound — produced in the body after eating fat — that’s linked with heart disease. Bottoms up, but remember moderation!

Try out these tips after a big holiday meal and aim to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the days following an evening of rich foods. CYS Nutrition Coach, Diana Rodriguez, recommends having several small meals throughout the day to keep cravings & spikes of hunger at a minimum.

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