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Beach Running…Fun in the Sun or a “Wash-Out?

As summer starts and the sunshine starts to take over our attention spans, runners start to fill the streets, alleys and beach paths.  Those looking for a nice coat of UV rays and the feeling of running through nature knows how exciting it is when its “summer running weather“.

Spending the past three weekends on the beaches of Tahoe, Newport and Ocean Beach made us contemplate the benefits and dangers of running without shoes along the beach.  Here’s what we think:

1. BENEFIT: Sand in your toes.  There’s just no better feeling.

2. DANGER: Blisters on the bottom of your feet.  Sometimes you cannot gauge how hot the sand might be, or how coarse the sand is.  One thing we know, Southlake Tahoe sand is not sand.  Its a little too rough on the feet.

3. BENEFIT: There is no real need for music.  The sound of the waves is motivating enough, plus the view of babes in beach outfits is always a plus.

4. BENEFIT: after a barefoot beach run, your knees and ankles feel a bit stronger and less impacted.  A Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) study concluded that landing on soft sand increases the “collision” time, or the time during which the foot sinks into the sand, and therefore reduces the overall stress of pounding on the lower extremities.

5. DANGER: Because your running along the seashore, there is usually some sort of incline leading away from the waves.  Running significant distances with one leg landing higher on the slope than the other is an easy way to injury yourself because it leads to muscular imbalances.  So check out your seashore slants!

CONCLUSION:  We love running barefoot on the beach.  Just make sure you check your sand, the incline and hit the road every once in a while.



4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Running Route

We are a lucky bunch here at California Yoga Sport due to the fact that we live in San Francisco & the Bay Area which lends itself to some pretty incredible running routes both inside and outside of the city. Most mornings I jog along the Embarcadero with epic views of the beautiful sunrise over the East Bay or on occasion I’ll head to the Great Highway for a run along the beach at sunset.

However, sometimes proximity is key to keeping up a regular outside running routine, especially if you don’t have the time to travel far from the homestead. In which case we have a few tips to finding a route that can be safe, challenging, and enjoyable in your area.

Follow these four tips and you’ll discover your neighborhood’s hidden gems in no time!

1. Sign up for Map My Run. This site has numerous features that will be helpful to any running routine & goal setting, but most importantly it allows you to map your runs so you can track your mileage as well as record your routes and add notes. Additionally, others share their favorite routes which you can try out for yourself! The features allow you to highlight if the run has hills, sidewalk surface, easy, medium, or hard, scenic. etc.. — that way you know what to expect. It provides direct feedback from your online peers about which ones are best for which type of running route you are looking for. This is a definite bookmark on our list for finding new and fun routes!

2. Drive around your neighborhood. Surprisingly enough driving around all of the side streets in your neighborhood is extremely helpful to discovering new routes. Get inspired as you check out the wide sidewalks one block over from the main road or the quiet districts surrounding your home base. Whenever I find myself in a new area on my way to dinner with friends I constantly check out the scenery to see if this would be a fitting running route in the city. San Francisco can be bustling in some spots, but quaint in others. Noe Valley lends itself to wide sidewalks, small hills, and quiet streets for running. Also the Embarcadero at sunrise or sunset is busy with fellow runners and even Market street in the early AM around 6:30-7:30AM is very pleasant if you want a more urban environment.

3. Asks your friends, gym buddies, or even your mailman! Everyone has their own routine and the best way to broaden yours is to simply ask! For instance, your mailman knows your neighborhood like the back of his hand and would know exactly which streets are busy vs. quiet or flatland versus hills hills hills. I’ve also found wonderful routes by asking my local gym staff for their recommendations or fellow runners while stopped for a stretch at a stoplight. Sometimes I even join them for a jog to wherever their destination may be if I feel their pace is comparable to mine. Make new friends and discover new paths. Plus its always more enjoyable to have a running buddy than to run alone!

4. Get lost! Some of my best and longest runs have been the ones I don’t plan ahead for.. I just run where the wind blows me. Most times the new environment re-energizes me helping me run further and faster. The joy of exploring unknown territory is both exciting and fun! Try it and see where the road leads you.. quite literally!

Need some more concrete running routes in the San Francisco Bay Area?! Email us and we’ll share some of our favorite paths around this city!