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Top 12 Running Destinations in the US West

As I travel throughout the US, I continually find myself looking for places to run in new cities.  Thank you to Runner’s World magazine for compiling a list of the Top 12 places to run in the US West.

Boise, Idaho
Explore the 30-some miles of shaded trails along the Boise River or the clean streets of downtown Boise

Boulder, Colorado
Cliff hangers, cowboys, dark pine forests and open meadows — you’ll see it all in Boulder
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Local motto: “Oxygen is overrated; just keep running!”

Denver, Colorado
This mile-high gem for runners gives a whole new spin to altitude training

Durango, Colorado
This mining town has lots of trails — and altitude — to tempt runners

Maui, Hawaii
The best places to stay, run, and race

Missoula, Montana
This is the best the Big Sky state has to offer — an outdoors enthusiast’s dream

San Francisco, California
San Francisco’s big-bridge bookends, eclectic high-rise skyline, sailboat-filled bay, and sweeping Pacific Ocean backdrop make this city arguably the most stunning of all

San Luis Obispo, California
This town calls itself “a feast for the senses” — find out why

Santa Barbara, California
Running through Santa Barbara consists of beautiful scenery.

Santa Monica, California
Orange groves abound in this scenic beachside city.

Visit Seattle, Washington
Rain? What rain? The weather–and the running–are more than okay in the Emerald City


I’ve crossed off 7 of the 12…how many destinations have sweat in?


Beach Running…Fun in the Sun or a “Wash-Out?

As summer starts and the sunshine starts to take over our attention spans, runners start to fill the streets, alleys and beach paths.  Those looking for a nice coat of UV rays and the feeling of running through nature knows how exciting it is when its “summer running weather“.

Spending the past three weekends on the beaches of Tahoe, Newport and Ocean Beach made us contemplate the benefits and dangers of running without shoes along the beach.  Here’s what we think:

1. BENEFIT: Sand in your toes.  There’s just no better feeling.

2. DANGER: Blisters on the bottom of your feet.  Sometimes you cannot gauge how hot the sand might be, or how coarse the sand is.  One thing we know, Southlake Tahoe sand is not sand.  Its a little too rough on the feet.

3. BENEFIT: There is no real need for music.  The sound of the waves is motivating enough, plus the view of babes in beach outfits is always a plus.

4. BENEFIT: after a barefoot beach run, your knees and ankles feel a bit stronger and less impacted.  A Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) study concluded that landing on soft sand increases the “collision” time, or the time during which the foot sinks into the sand, and therefore reduces the overall stress of pounding on the lower extremities.

5. DANGER: Because your running along the seashore, there is usually some sort of incline leading away from the waves.  Running significant distances with one leg landing higher on the slope than the other is an easy way to injury yourself because it leads to muscular imbalances.  So check out your seashore slants!

CONCLUSION:  We love running barefoot on the beach.  Just make sure you check your sand, the incline and hit the road every once in a while.


#TGIF Weekly Top 10: March Madness

1. Your New Weekly Motto

Your New Life Motto

2. Best Food Blog to follow The Clothes Make the GirlBoth inspiring & inventive healthy recipes!

3. Video to Check Out: Oakley Progression Sessions weekend recap in Mammoth Mountain, California.

4. Need to eat healthy on the go!? Check out Women’s Health Magazine Best 125 Packaged Food list. Suuuuper helpful for those looking to make the RIGHT decision on the go!

Our Favorites from the list: Pure Organic Cranberry Orange Bar, Food Should Taste Good Chips, & Kashi Cereal!

5. Most clever play on March Madness: ESPN Women’s Champion of Awesome Bracket. Be sure to Like them on Facebook too for more amazingly awesome stuff like this!

Road Trips or Cocktails? That is the question.

6. Top 125 Triathlon Blogs of 2012 – Check outour fellow Oakley Ambassadors who made the list, Marni Sumbal with TriMarni & Katie Morse with ‘Tri’ing for Pro.

7. Product LOVE of the week! Oakley Crowbar Snow Goggles – Check out CA Yoga Sport Trainer Lacey Calvert’s product review here & sign up for the Perform Beautifully Collective group while you check out the site!

Oakley Crowbar Snow Goggles

8. Best song to add to your running playlist this week: Young Blood by The Naked & Famous.

9. Random DIY blog you should check out just because its plain awesome – A Beautiful Mess.

10. Motivational Quote #2 just for that extra push through the weekend.

Have a great weekend!!! #TGIF

Yoga for Runners with Lacey Calvert

Check out California Yoga Sport‘s latest Webisode on Yoga For Runners!

After long or spring training runs the body needs to strrreeeetch out. The above video walks you through trainer, Lacey Calvert’s, yoga demonstrations & posture suggestions to relieve pain & tension in overused running muscles. Yoga is a great way to help reduce the after run burn you experience, stretch out tense muscle groups, and will definitely add balance to your heavy cardio regimen.

Find out more how Yoga can help your running in this Runner’s World Article, Running and Yoga go Hand-in-Hand.

Want to see more?! Subscribe to calyogasport’s youtube channel.

Also, be sure to tell us what videos you’d like to see more of to help with your athletic training needs! Triathlete, cyclist, surfer, snowboarder… you name it & we’ll be sure to give you some fool proof yoga plans to help balance your body out!

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words: Images to Stay Motivated

Visual reminders are important for staying positive & motivated. Print out one of the below images & post it where you will see it most often. We promise there will be a huge change in your attitude & energy towards pushing yourself to new heights this year. Be sure to put it in a place you will see it often, we suggest inside your bathroom cabinet or right by your light switch on the way out the door!

Bring. It. On. Life.

Life of an Athlete

Be Inspired by Greatness.

Don't waste time making excuses. Just run.

Aim high for your goals. It'll be worth it!

Create Yourself.

Run because you can.

Top 5 Gifts to Buy a Yoga Athlete this Holiday Season

Are you struggling to find that perfect gift this season for your active family members or even yourself?! What kind of gift can you give to those close family & friends that want to step up their yoga practice, athletic performance, or both!?.. well California Yoga Sport has done the research for you! Check out some of these high performance gifts for your fellow athletes this season.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Yoga Athletes:

1. Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat– This yoga mat is a fresh alternative for people who like travel yoga mats with superior quality and comfort. The PROlite is a lighter, zero-waste, non slip yoga mat for in the studio and on the go.

2. Moji Neck+– This product is an innovative all-in-one garment that provides soothing heat to the neck and middle to upper back. The Neck+ wraps around the contours of the body to deliver Moji’s signature warm hug and provides ample coverage for the neck or can be flipped over and worn to heat the middle to upper back. This product provides instant tension release in the upper back & neck which is a common place that most people hold all of their holiday stress. 😉 Yoga assists in relieving this tension, but throwing one of these on after a challenging vinyasa flow with one too many downward dogs is Ah-mazing!

3. Polarized Oakley Stockholm Goggles for those Ski Bunnies or Tanner Hall Signature Series Crowbar Snow Goggles for the Snow Men – Oakely is famous for its high level performance sunglasses & goggles tackling every sport that needs superior eyewear. This ski & snowboarding season don’t lose sight of your performance goals and be sure to pick up yourself or your snow hungry friends a set of these snow goggles.

*Perks to this perfect eye wear is the O Matter Technology that uses premium materials to provide its’ customers with flexible design, strap outriggers to distribute pressure, and the moisture wicking comfort of triple-layer fleece foam. The impact resistance meets ANSI Z87.1 standards and the UV filtering is 100%. They even tune the lens sizing for a greater visual range and hit it with F3 anti-fog treatment. CYS’s ULTIMATE buy for this Holiday Season!

4. Polar T31 Heart Rate Monitor or an over the top holiday buy with the Polar RCX5 Supreme Precision for Endurance Athletes – From improving fitness to enhancing athletic performance, Polar makes some of the best heart rate monitors around. If you know someone looking to up their game & gain serious competitive edge in their training than these two heart rate monitors, though very different, can do just that! Of course Polar T31 is the best basic heart rate monitor out there to introduce to a novice & the RCX5 is the ultimate holiday gift that would be an undeniable advantage in anyone’s training for those marathon runners, triathletes, or Ironmen/women. If you know someone training for a marathon or their first triathlon the Polar T31 is definitely the gift for them! *Benefits to using a heart rate monitor while training – accuracy & ease, helps monitor your fitness, prevent over or under training, helps track pace during training & in a race, and allows for pure constructive feedback on your athletic ability & improvements. Highly recommended for a personal purchase to start 2012 off on the right beat- no pun intended!

5. Lululemon Recognition Pants or Lululemon Core Short for Men – Looking for a new way to jazz up your wardrobe or your friend’s yoga attire for class? These gifts are perfect! I know for us here at CYS new clothes can give us that New Years Resolution boost we need in our practice. Another pair of yoga pants never hurt anyone..right?!  For the male friends & family members out there it’s always tough to find functional & comfortable clothing to practice yoga in as well as feel good wearing it – the Lulu Core Short is the pair for you! Lululemon’s clothing line & quality of fabric helps those novice yogis feel like advanced practitioners during those unpredictable hot vinyasa flow classes. Help your friends & family members, who may be trying out Yoga as a New Years Resolution, to start their practice off feeling good from the inside out!

Need more gift ideas?! Feel free to email us! We have a gift for every type of Yoga Athlete out there & plenty more ideas of self spoiling products to treat yourself to this holiday season!

Be sure to also check out our Holiday Special Offer for a 50 minute health consultation with our Health Coach Diana & a private yoga training session with our CYS Trainers Lacey & Lindsea!

Yoga for Runners Webisode with Lacey Calvert

To conclude our month of runner focused posts here is one of our favorite webisodes where CYS Trainer Lacey Calvert gives you a step by step yoga sequence that will help you get the most out of your yoga practice.

Watch as she will walk you through the best postures & stretches to help those tight quadriceps & aching knees that runners deal with most and open your hips to a world of difference for your sport.

Want to see more?! Subscribe to calyogasport’s youtube channel

Halloween Fever: Best Recovery Smoothie for the Holiday

Need to spice up your post work out recovery drink? Try out this week’s Halloweeny smoothie! California Yoga Sport Trainer, Lacey Calvert, claims this tastes just like pumpkin pie!  Give it a try for yourself!

Post-run Pumpkin Spice Protein Smoothie

  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 tbsp of raisins (optional – sometimes they don’t blend as well in the smoothie)
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • sprinkle nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger
Throw all of the above listed ingredients into a blender and put Chia Seeds in there too for an extra boost of protein. Its delicious! Enjoy, eat healthy, & be safe this Halloween weekend!

4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Running Route

We are a lucky bunch here at California Yoga Sport due to the fact that we live in San Francisco & the Bay Area which lends itself to some pretty incredible running routes both inside and outside of the city. Most mornings I jog along the Embarcadero with epic views of the beautiful sunrise over the East Bay or on occasion I’ll head to the Great Highway for a run along the beach at sunset.

However, sometimes proximity is key to keeping up a regular outside running routine, especially if you don’t have the time to travel far from the homestead. In which case we have a few tips to finding a route that can be safe, challenging, and enjoyable in your area.

Follow these four tips and you’ll discover your neighborhood’s hidden gems in no time!

1. Sign up for Map My Run. This site has numerous features that will be helpful to any running routine & goal setting, but most importantly it allows you to map your runs so you can track your mileage as well as record your routes and add notes. Additionally, others share their favorite routes which you can try out for yourself! The features allow you to highlight if the run has hills, sidewalk surface, easy, medium, or hard, scenic. etc.. — that way you know what to expect. It provides direct feedback from your online peers about which ones are best for which type of running route you are looking for. This is a definite bookmark on our list for finding new and fun routes!

2. Drive around your neighborhood. Surprisingly enough driving around all of the side streets in your neighborhood is extremely helpful to discovering new routes. Get inspired as you check out the wide sidewalks one block over from the main road or the quiet districts surrounding your home base. Whenever I find myself in a new area on my way to dinner with friends I constantly check out the scenery to see if this would be a fitting running route in the city. San Francisco can be bustling in some spots, but quaint in others. Noe Valley lends itself to wide sidewalks, small hills, and quiet streets for running. Also the Embarcadero at sunrise or sunset is busy with fellow runners and even Market street in the early AM around 6:30-7:30AM is very pleasant if you want a more urban environment.

3. Asks your friends, gym buddies, or even your mailman! Everyone has their own routine and the best way to broaden yours is to simply ask! For instance, your mailman knows your neighborhood like the back of his hand and would know exactly which streets are busy vs. quiet or flatland versus hills hills hills. I’ve also found wonderful routes by asking my local gym staff for their recommendations or fellow runners while stopped for a stretch at a stoplight. Sometimes I even join them for a jog to wherever their destination may be if I feel their pace is comparable to mine. Make new friends and discover new paths. Plus its always more enjoyable to have a running buddy than to run alone!

4. Get lost! Some of my best and longest runs have been the ones I don’t plan ahead for.. I just run where the wind blows me. Most times the new environment re-energizes me helping me run further and faster. The joy of exploring unknown territory is both exciting and fun! Try it and see where the road leads you.. quite literally!

Need some more concrete running routes in the San Francisco Bay Area?! Email us and we’ll share some of our favorite paths around this city!

Beats Per Minute: Why BPM is your New BFF

Are you letting your workouts get the best of you due to boredom? Routines are great, but sometimes you get stuck in a rut. Aside from alternating work out routines or adding new activities to your active lifestyle, like climbing or TRX, we’ve discovered one easy fix to getting that heart rate up as well as jazz up any repetitive work out regimen!

The CYS Solution: Pump Up The Jam

Doctors and researchers have spent decades analyzing the effects of music on heart rate and have come to a very interesting interesting conclusion. When choosing your playlist to get your sweat on studies have shown that the most important element influencing your work out and increasing your heart rate is the song’s tempo. The music must be between the range of 120 to 140 Beats Per Minute, B.P.M., which roughly corresponds to the average fit adult’s heart rate during a work out. Maintaining this B.P.M. range in your music selection can greatly influence the pace & your mental readiness to push yourself your limits.

Most commercial dance music or rock songs fall in that range. For instance,  “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” by the Black Eyed Peas is 130 B.P.M. and “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers 150 B.P.M. Furthermore, songs with high B.P.M. help cue the body and allow us to naturally utilize rhythm to coordinate movement.

…as anyone who has heard Metallica blasting from a weight room stereo knows, music is a motivator in strength training, too. “The vast majority of bodybuilders are fans of heavy metal, if not in their personal life at least in the gym,” said Shawn Perine, a senior writer at Flex magazine. Loud, aggressive music, he said, “keeps you elevated, especially in between sets.”

However there are a variety of different motivational qualities of a song depending on the physical activity. Dr. Karageorghis writes that a song “evokes a state of optimism and excitement in the listener.” We all can relate to that! Even I enjoy a good Rage Against Machine or Britney Spears throwback to boost my energy during a long run.
Tips on selecting your effective fitness playlist:

1. Select a song between 120-150 B.P.M. Not sure if your song falls in that category? compare it to the examples we gave above. It should be reasonably decipherable if you just give it a good listen or test it out during a work out & ask yourself, “Does this song really get me excited, both emotionally and physically, about the activity I’m doing?”

2. Check out PowerMusic.com for albums used in group fitness classes that could be a great addition to your playlist. They are tailored to certain physical activities, such as spin, cardio, or aerobics, so some albums may be great for your cycling routine or that tough cardio interval sprints training you do.

3. Continue to mix it up & refresh your playlist. New & motivational songs can greatly influence your work out, so be sure to dedicate time to compiling a powerful playlist to keep your active lifestyle on track. Whenever I download a new song I’m a little too excited to try it out on my morning run!

What are you waiting for?!… Download those power house tunes for your next work out!