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Beats Per Minute: Why BPM is your New BFF

Are you letting your workouts get the best of you due to boredom? Routines are great, but sometimes you get stuck in a rut. Aside from alternating work out routines or adding new activities to your active lifestyle, like climbing or TRX, we’ve discovered one easy fix to getting that heart rate up as well as jazz up any repetitive work out regimen!

The CYS Solution: Pump Up The Jam

Doctors and researchers have spent decades analyzing the effects of music on heart rate and have come to a very interesting interesting conclusion. When choosing your playlist to get your sweat on studies have shown that the most important element influencing your work out and increasing your heart rate is the song’s tempo. The music must be between the range of 120 to 140 Beats Per Minute, B.P.M., which roughly corresponds to the average fit adult’s heart rate during a work out. Maintaining this B.P.M. range in your music selection can greatly influence the pace & your mental readiness to push yourself your limits.

Most commercial dance music or rock songs fall in that range. For instance,  “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” by the Black Eyed Peas is 130 B.P.M. and “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers 150 B.P.M. Furthermore, songs with high B.P.M. help cue the body and allow us to naturally utilize rhythm to coordinate movement.

…as anyone who has heard Metallica blasting from a weight room stereo knows, music is a motivator in strength training, too. “The vast majority of bodybuilders are fans of heavy metal, if not in their personal life at least in the gym,” said Shawn Perine, a senior writer at Flex magazine. Loud, aggressive music, he said, “keeps you elevated, especially in between sets.”

However there are a variety of different motivational qualities of a song depending on the physical activity. Dr. Karageorghis writes that a song “evokes a state of optimism and excitement in the listener.” We all can relate to that! Even I enjoy a good Rage Against Machine or Britney Spears throwback to boost my energy during a long run.
Tips on selecting your effective fitness playlist:

1. Select a song between 120-150 B.P.M. Not sure if your song falls in that category? compare it to the examples we gave above. It should be reasonably decipherable if you just give it a good listen or test it out during a work out & ask yourself, “Does this song really get me excited, both emotionally and physically, about the activity I’m doing?”

2. Check out PowerMusic.com for albums used in group fitness classes that could be a great addition to your playlist. They are tailored to certain physical activities, such as spin, cardio, or aerobics, so some albums may be great for your cycling routine or that tough cardio interval sprints training you do.

3. Continue to mix it up & refresh your playlist. New & motivational songs can greatly influence your work out, so be sure to dedicate time to compiling a powerful playlist to keep your active lifestyle on track. Whenever I download a new song I’m a little too excited to try it out on my morning run!

What are you waiting for?!… Download those power house tunes for your next work out!


CYS Summer Time Workout

Here’s a little glimpse of what CA Yoga Sport has been doing to keep our body in shape this summer:

TRX: Wow, does this kick butt!?! We love the challenge TRX provides and the overall body workout you get. It is such a great cross training tool to elevate your training to the next level. We love incorporating TRX along with our yoga practice to help build a strong core and increase upper body strength.

Paddle board/yoga: A new and great summertime workout! Paddle board + Yoga = FUN. If you’re looking to tone your abs, then we definitely suggest you hop on a paddle board. Stretching and finding balance on water makes it a challenging workout but an enjoyable way to spend time in the sun and your swimsuit!

Hiking: There are great hiking trails in Marin County that take you alongside a beautiful waterfall all the way to the top of Mt. Tam. We find hiking to be a great way to unwind and be outside in nature. You don’t even have to cross the bridge to take a hike. We also love hiking the hills in SF – a great way to be outdoors and get some Vitamin D.

We hope that we inspired you to get outside and workout in the summer sun. Until next time, keep up the good work!

TRX and Yoga

Life after college has two paths….either you go and travel the world or get pushed into the workforce.  Either way, health becomes something that post-college grads begin to forget about.

Luckily, we found something this week that can transform the lives of busy athletes and “real world” workerbees.  TRX is a suspension training that uses body weight to complete a full-body workout.  At first, the two black straps hanging from the ceiling was intimidating, but once we got to play around on them, our muscles already felt stronger.  We had the priviledge of attending the all day training at the TRX Headquarters in SF, and left with a new feeling of motivation and creativity.

It only makes sense that TRX and yoga go together.  Whether you are living in hotel rooms and finding somewhere to workout or using your office for quick workouts at lunch, you can bring the portable TRX and accompanying yoga mat and get your sweat on.

Here’s a quick exercise to do if you are already an TRX owner:

High Plank with Tricep Touch:

Sitting on your knees with the TRX behind you, place your feet in the TRX hand straps.  Flex your feet and come up into a high plank position.  Hold for 10 seconds to activate the core; pull your belly button into your spine while pressing your yoga mat away from you.  Holding your core, begin to use your obliques to pull the knee into the tricep.  Hold and release back to high plank.  Repeat on other side.  Repeat this set of each knee to same tricep for 12 reps on each side. 

Overall, we’re in love.  We hope to get some videos up here soon and if you are interested in purchasing a TRX, email us at Lacey@californiayogasport.com and we can hook you up with a client special discount 🙂

Thank you Doug from TRX Training Center for everything today!

Traveling and working out has never looked this good.