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Add These Nutrient-Packed Foods To Your…

Are you going grocery shopping today? Check out #oakleywomen for a new year nutrient packed list!

Add These Nutrient-Packed Foods To Your…

Though winter is still over a week away, the temperatures sure feel that it’s here with a vengeance. Not to fear, you can stay warm with tons of soups, stews, and warm meals. The best ingredients are always to choose local, seasonal vegetables. Here are a list of many options to throw into your next recipe and keep your toes toasty. Winter Vegetables Beets, Belgian Endive, Broccoli, Broccoli Raabe, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Beets Belgian Endive, Broccoli, Broccoli Raabe, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Kale Potatoes, Cauliflower, Celery, Kale, Potatoes, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Turnips, Winter Squash

Oakley Women’s Collective


Lacey Calvert::Yoga Pose of the Day!

In need of a heart opener today? Check out @laceycalvert Yoga Pose of the day! #oakleywomen

Lacey Calvert::Yoga Pose of the Day!

Camel Pose (Utrasana) is an awesome backbend that opens the entire front body. The hip flexors are lengthened, while releasing anxiety and fatigue. This posture can bring up some serious emotions, leaving your feeling free and ready for the new day. Good for all levels of yogis.

Shared from Oakley Women’s Collective

Yoga Music: Flowing into 2013 Playlist

Here’s the newest Power Yoga Playlist that we’ve been jammin’ to in our classes throughout the beginning of the new year:

  • “Instrumental” by Jose Gonzalez
  • “Poison and Wine” by The Civil Wars
  • “Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling
  • “Fineshine” by Purity Ring
  • “Fortune Days” by The Glitch Mob
  • “Don’t you Worry Child (radio edit)” by Swedish House Mafia
  • “Azure” by Berlin Calling
  • “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro
  • “Just A Boy” by Angus and Julia Stone
  • “Where is My Mind” by Its Kinda A Funny Story Soundtrack
  • “The Devils Tears” by Angus and Julia Stone
  • “River Flows in You” by Yiruma


Oakley Pro Am Halfmoon Bay

This past weekend, Lacey and the Oakley crew spent a few days at the Ritz-Carlton for the final stop of the Oakley Pro-Am. Check out some photos of the amazing experience!






Congratulations to all the winners of the Pro Ams at all the stops! Good luck to them as they continue to compete at the Skull Cup in Arizona!


Kona Ironman 2012…Finishing Last is Finishing First

The week of October 5th-October 14th, I had the opportunity to travel to Kona, Hawaii to be apart of the 2012 Ironman World’s Championship.  I went there to represent Oakley at the Ironman Expo a few days prior to the actual race.  I went there knowing I was going to be headed back to paradise, but had no idea how inspiring and moving this actual competition was.

Waking up at 6:00am on the day of the race was not an option.  Sure, the expo was over and we had the day “off”, but I was so excited to be apart of this community and event, I couldn’t help but to wake up with excitement.  Heading down to the start, I was overwhelmed on how many people got out of bed that early to watch the 2.4 mile swim.  The environment was buzzing as the athletes took to the water, following up with a 112-mile bike ride and 26.2 Marathon run….all in the heat that Hawaii brings everyday.

Sure, it was awesome to watch Pete Jacobs and Leanda Cave win for the men and the womens, but the real action was the last few hours of the race.  Around 8:00pm, I stood against a barrier lining the last few yards before the finish line.  Watching athletes ranging from 20-87 years of age, pushing their body to the limits was the most inspiring, heart melting thing I have ever done.  I wasn’t even there to support someone that I knew, but I cheered with all my might for each person that passed.  It was exhilarating to be apart of this huge crowd, who’d all been up since before the sun rose, cheering on individuals whose bodies were breaking down, yet they weren’t giving up.  Each person’s name was yelled over the loudspeaker with their own personal journey and careers.  Tears filled my eyes watching the joy that every finisher had.
In my opinion, finishing last might just be better than getting first.  Here’s some photos and a PERFECT video on the event.  Until next year Kona!

The Oakley Expo Crew!  🙂

The swim start…filling up the beaches at 7:00am!

My View of the Finish!  The crowd was so uplifting and truly a community!

Fit in Fall: A Yoga Flow to Reset YOU!

With the first few days of Fall under our belts, its a perfect time to reset our body and mind.  We were very excited to find this flow from FitSugar, and happy to share it with you!
Balancing the change from summer to winter, this “Fall Equinox” flow challenges your balance and allows you to feel grounded and ready to embrace the change!

Downward Facing Dog (5 breaths)
Three Legged Dog
Warrior 1 Pose (5 breaths)
Crow Pose
Warrior 3 Pose (soft bend in your knee!)
Wide Squat
Standing Hand to Big Toe
Seated Forward Fold
Savasana (at least two minutes of silence..because, hey! You NEED it!)

Check out the full article at

And thanks for making in through the first few days, and stay tuned for more FIT IN FALL recipes, workouts and more for you!


Yoga, Travel and Life Lessons

Recently I helped Contiki Travel with an interview on my thoughts on travel.  You can read the interview here, and see some travel advice I have for you!  But this really got me thinking about WHY I travel.

Throughout my career, I have become very lucky to be able to combine to of my passions: Yoga and Travel.  The best advice I can ever give someone is to travel.  Lots.  And everywhere you can.  Go somewhere you don’t know the language and travel to place without a plan.  Immerse yourself in cultures you’ve only heard about and experience things that you have only read in books.

Why Travel?  Because traveling shapes you into who you can become and introduces you into other worlds.  You can sit for hours watching this different life walk in front of you, unconsciously taking in the culture, experiences and manners within.  I watched myself grow up with each place that I visited…moving from Europe to Hawaii and stationing back in Southern California all while traveling to 20 different US states, Australia, Canada, South America and more.  Each town and country added to my own values and personal beliefs and I am happy to say that I will continue this travel addiction.  There’s so much more of the word to see.

Why Travel and do Yoga? Traveling through college, I spent most of my times sleeping on trains in Europe or dancing the night away at the local pubs.  Once I started to emerge myself in yoga and finding a daily practice, my two worlds of yoga and travel were pushed together as one.  Practicing yoga in a different place allows my body to react to change, be challenged to other perspectives and learn what the destination has taught me.  Yoga in another culture or place gives you a moment on your trip to reflect.  To express through movement what you are learning and gaining, while taking that serene silence to soak it all in.

So give it a chance.  Grab your passport, research yoga studios near by and try something new.  Just remember “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”

Yoga for Surfers Playlist

For the past month, we have the opportunity to work with Extreme Athletics.  Extreme Athletics is a land-based surf specific training company that enhances the skills of countless surfers. Working with pros like Courtney Conlogue, Bryce Marino and Kanoa Igarashi, the facility is run by two intelligent, funny guys, Jon Brown and Paul Norris.  

What was missing?  YOGA!

The classes are held every Tuesday from 5:30pm-6:30pm, and you can expect a good flow, balance challenges and lots of fun.  The best part is that we also get to listen to some great music together every week.  Here’s a sample of a playlist for you to enjoy post or pre-surf:

“Slow and Steady” by Of Monsters and Men

“Fireshrine” by Purity Ring

“Madness” by Muse

“Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding

“Sunshine” by Matisyahu

“Raggamuffin” by Selah Sue

“Dance the Way I Feel” by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

“The Chain (The Funk Hunters Remix) by Fleetwood Mac

“Radioactive” by Kings of Leon

“Circles of Sun” by Dispatch

“Marathon” by Tennis

“Lovely Day” by Bill Withers

“Wetsuit” by The Vaccines

“Love This” by Cosmo Jarvis



Post Cleanse: Wrap-up

After following our trainer, Lindsea, on her 3 day cleanse experience we wanted to check back in with her and get her thoughts post CAN CAN Cleanse.

“It’s an amazing feeling to accomplish three days of a cleanse. During the three days I felt challenged and was constantly reminded of what I was putting into my body. As a result I am more aware of what I am eating and have learned how to incorporate more juice into my diet. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and thought the CAN CAN Cleanse was very well organized and really enjoyed all the tasty juices/soups. Thank you CAN CAN Cleanse for helping me feel lighter, brighter and most importantly empowered! I can tell you this will not be my last CAN CAN Cleanse and will definitely be ready for my next one soon.”

Finding the Right Cleanse for Your Body: Day One

It’s that time of year to renew and rejuvenate our bodies as we move from summer to the fall. After evaluating the different cleanses, CYS trainer, Lindsea Swisher decided to try the CAN CAN CAN Cleanse and report back to our bloggers. Lindsea chose this specific cleanse because they are a local SF company and we are a huge advocate of supporting local businesses. We found that the cleanse was the most approachable, especially since they provide a pre-cleanse warm up with instructions to help prepare your body for juice consumption. Lindsea is anticipating a challenge, but is keeping her eye on the prize of feeling more rejuvenating from the inside out! “It’s inspiring to set out on a new health track and know that in 3 days I will be on my way to optimum health!”, Lindsea explained.  Come along on the 3 day journey as we share our experience throughout the cleanse.

Cost: $185 for the 3-day cleanse

Number of Juices Per Day: 8

Based In: San Francisco 

3 Day Seasonal Juice Cleanse!

Are you ready for a better and happy self?